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From who is in the Network, to how and why to join, our FAQ answers providers’ most common questions.

A CIN is a network of otherwise independent providers and institutions that act collectively to improve clinical quality while containing cost. This is enhanced through data integration, time commitment to network operations and programs, and vested interest in the network.

The Pediatric Care Network is composed of many independent pediatricians throughout the Denver metro area, and it is quickly expanding North and South along the front range. Along with Children’s Hospital Colorado and CU Medicine, the Network provides access to primary and specialty care providers across the region.

Through enhanced sharing and aggregation of data, our providers have better knowledge and insight into the patients’ continuum of care beyond the practice level. Our population management tool provides recommended care activities that help providers better manage and improve upon quality measures designed by the Network’s Quality Committee.

The Pediatric Care Network is compliant with all HIPAA regulations, and members may share data for the use of treatment, payment or operations per exemptions for being clinically integrated. Practice-level data will only be used for the stated purposes in the Membership and Participation Agreement.

The network is a separately incorporated subsidiary of Children’s Hospital Colorado with its own board of directors, comprised almost entirely of physicians. Independent primary care physicians make up the majority leadership of the Network’s Board of Directors and sub-committees.

Membership in the Network benefits practices in many ways including access to data sharing and IT functionality, as well as Children’s Colorado’s nationally recognized resources and expertise. The Network will also enhance the ability of small practices to demonstrate their value to payers and help handle administrative burdens.

The Pediatric Care Network is not exclusive. This means that participating providers will not have to choose between multiple networks’ contracts, thereby avoiding losing access to patients in those other networks.