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Physicians can join a network dedicated to improving care while benefiting from shared knowledge and resources.

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Benefits to membership

Remain independent

We are physician-led and governed by community primary care pediatric providers, specialists and Children’s Hospital Colorado. This enables community practices to remain independent, collaborate and provide enhanced value in an ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Multiple network memberships

The Pediatric Care Network is not exclusive. We work with other networks to correctly attribute pediatric lives into the Network and, with the other networks, coordinate our approach with the payers for the best of both networks.

Patient referrals

There is no requirement to refer all your patients to Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Clinical integration means that everyone is working toward the same goal of improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.

Participation criteria

Frequently asked questions

A CIN is a network of otherwise independent providers and institutions that act collectively to improve clinical quality while containing cost. This is enhanced through data integration, time commitment to network operations and programs, and vested interest in the network.

The network is a separately incorporated subsidiary of Children’s Hospital Colorado with its own board of directors, comprised almost entirely of physicians. Independent primary care physicians make up the majority leadership of the Network’s Board of Directors and sub-committees.

Membership in the Network benefits practices in many ways including access to data sharing and IT functionality, as well as Children’s Colorado’s nationally recognized resources and expertise. The Network will also enhance the ability of small practices to demonstrate their value to payers and help handle administrative burdens.

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